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Staging Rental

Here at Sounds Distribution, we are a full-service event rental company with everything from stage platform rental to soft goods, event flooring, pipe, and drape rentals. It can be overwhelming to put together all the pieces when planning a big event, but our staging rental NYC office is here to help. Our stage rental solutions are perfect for indoor and outdoor events, no matter the size. 

Explore our event stage rentals and let your vision come to life!

Staging Rentals and Construction

We specialize in staging rentals and construction for special events, from concerts to small indoor conferences. No matter what kind of stage set-up solution you are looking for, we have it. We provide almost any type of stage rental, including outdoor mobile stages and hip acrylic runways.

Let our dedicated staff set-up and strike your stage rental and take the stress off your shoulders. We offer what you need with reasonable pricing. We are the staging rental NYC customers have been depending on for years, and our quality is unmatched. 

Portable Stage Rental

We have a full-range of portable stage rentals, which is by far the most popular stage rental solution for our clients. Mobile stages can be used for smaller indoor events as well as larger outdoor concerts and festivals. There are even some options that can be set up and handled by a single person! We also offering lighting rental options that will help transform your venue into a professional looking space. 

Renting Risers

Risers are low-profile mobile stages that help elevate performers and presenters. They are really useful if you are hosting a larger-scale event and want to ensure your audience members can see what’s happening on stage. We also offer choral risers that elevate your audience seating with a concert staging rental. When you schedule a consultation with us, we can guide you on whether or not risers would be a beneficial addition to your staging rental. 

Stage Platforms & Equipment

Make sure your event is seen and heard by all with stage platforms and essential staging equipment. Get equipment for your stage platform such as backdrops, lighting, and sound systems. We recommend getting equipment for beyond the stage, such as step and repeat banners, French barricades, and stanchions. The stage rental cost for our comprehensive options and additions won’t break the bank, either. 

Stage Backdrops Rental

What’s a stage without a backdrop? Complete your staging rental with an backdrop made of drapery, paper, or larger-than-life photos. Depending on the stage rental and your event needs, we can set-up a backdrop along with stage install. Let your creativity run free with our stage backdrop options!

Portable Stage Ramp & Stair Rentals

Ramp and stair rentals are highly recommended when considering mobile event stage rentals. Make it easier and safer for presenters and performers to access the stage with stage steps or ramps. You don’t have to worry about install, because our experienced set-up team will take care of ramp and stair installation. 

Runway Rentals

We offer fully customizable runway rental solutions. No matter the event, we can build out a runway of pretty much any shape and size possible. Most clients use this stage rental option for fashion shows, but runways can be used for guest speakers, corporate events, and seminars. Add some flair with a runway rental for your next event!


If you’re looking to spruce up your event stage rentals, consider renting indoor and outdoor furniture. Seating and tables for guests are a must, and we have a variety of options that will fit almost any theme. From classy to cozy, chic to mod, we have furniture options that will take your event to the next level. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

We provide the most advanced, portable, and custom staging solutions for venues of all sizes and industries. We work with you and your budget to provide the best staging rentals and construction options catered to your needs. As a full-service event rental company in NYC, we have knowledgeable support team members and well-maintained stage rentals that can’t be beaten. Let us make your next event center stage with our staging rentals today. 

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