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Pipe And Drape Rental

Make your next event a memorable one with high-quality pipe and drape rentals. From heavyweight velour to luxurious poly knit, we have everything you need to stage your next event at an affordable price. Sounds Distribution is the best pipe and drape rental in NYC company, and we can’t wait to make your event even more special with our quality rental selection.

Explore our pipe and drape selection for your special event.

Pipe and Drape Rentals

If you’re hosting a wedding, charity fashion show, or even a trade show, you should consider pipe and drape rental. Drapery adds a sense of refinement and professionalism to any event. With pipe and drape rentals, a drab, empty space can be transformed in the blink of an eye. 

While the average cost to rent pipe and drape supplies can be quite overwhelming, we do things differently. We work with you and your budget to create an affordable yet comprehensive rental package that will take your event to the next level. Pipe and drape solutions don’t have to be out of reach. Here are the top pipe and drape rental in NY recommendations to consider for your next event. 


Drapery adds a look of elegance and cohesiveness to any event. If you rent pipe and drape systems from us, you’ll get theater-quality drapery that can cover your whole event space if necessary. We offer a huge selection of drapery colors and styles, including sheers and velours. 

Whether you want to transform a wedding banquet hall into an intimate getaway or add some pizzazz to your trade show set-up, we have what you need at the prices you want. Our pipe and drape rental price list presents affordable, high-quality pipe and drape rental options for Brooklyn and beyond. 


Backdrop pipe and drape rentals are a popular option for many of our clients. We offer options for classic theater drapery backdrops, as well as paper and photo backdrops. Backdrop drapery rentals are flame retardant to ensure safety for your event guests and staff. Our team works with you to ensure you have what you need for your stage production. We even install and break down your desired backdrop system on the day of your event. 


No event is complete without decorations! We offer a wide variety of decorative drapes that enhance wedding venues and other special events. Decorative drapes can be used as partitions to create a more romantic, intimate space for your wedding ceremony and reception. You can also use them to block off sections of your reception for privacy or for crowd control. 

The decorative pipe and drape rental cost doesn’t have to be outrageous. We have affordable options and even offer pick-up at our store if you want to opt-out of our staff set-up and strike. We will work with you to figure out the perfect height, linear width, and color of your decorative pipe and drape rental.  

Pipe and Drape Sections & Solutions

Looking for partitions, booths, or changing rooms? We’ve got you covered. We have pipe and drape stand and section solutions suitable for any event. There are comprehensive set-ups for trade show booths, fashion show changing rooms, and more. Our knowledgeable staff can construct almost any drapery solution to complete your vision.

Why Should You Choose Us?

At Sounds Distribution we have a full range of pipe and drape rentals for any event you can imagine. Our experienced team gives professional support before and during the day of your special event to ensure your pipe and drape rental is exactly what you need. Our company has the most affordable pipe and drape rental price list in Brooklyn and beyond. 

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