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Audio Equipment Rental In NYC

Rental sound equipment is essential if you’re hosting a large event. You want professional, high-quality sound system gear that you know will work seamlessly. Rental of audio equipment can be overwhelming. Where do you start? 

Thankfully, Sound Distribution is here to provide the best audio equipment rentals in NYC. We service the New York City area with comprehensive and affordable sound system rent packages and top-notch customer service. See all the sound system rental options we have to offer. 

Sound System Rental

Sound Distribution offers everything you could possibly think of when it comes to sound system rental services. Based on your event needs, we can tailor sound system rental packages that will take the stress out of planning. We also offer on-site installation and assistance from our highly-trained AV Techs and AV Engineers. We offer:

  • Speakers
  • DJ Equipment
  • Microphones
  • Recording Equipment
  • Walkie Talkies

Not sure what you need for your event? We’ve outlined the most common requests for sound system rental in NYC as a guide:

Speaker Rental

From weddings to conferences, you want to make sure people can hear you clearly. ISound Distribution has speakers for every occasion. 

When you rent a sound system in NYC, you need to make sure the company is providing the best speakers out there with experienced AV Techs and AV Engineers. Buzzing and audio feedback can kill the mood of any event. Eliminate all your worries by choosing a rental company that has well-maintained audio gear big and small. 

Rent DJ Equipment

Get the party started with some pro DJ equipment! Add a mixer and some subwoofers to your sound equipment rental NYC and make your event one for the books. Playing music off of a pre-made playlist is fine, but having live mixes gets people on the dance floor. Our DJ equipment rental packages will makes your event more memorable. 

Mic Rental

What’s the point in having speakers if you don’t have a few microphones, too? Audio equipment rental isn’t complete unless you add on high quality microphones. We recommend renting the Shure SM58 microphone or the Shure SM58 PGX Digital Wireless microphone to give your event a touch of professional audio.  

Recording Gear Rental

Get professional sound by renting recording equipment with us. We provide high quality recording equipment in NYC and our AV engineers are here to answer all your questions. From audio to visual recording equipment, we’ve helped companies such as Disney and American Eagle put their best foot forward for audio and visual recorded events. 

Rent Walkie Talkies

If you’re having a large-scale event, walkie-talkies are a must for coordination and communication. Let us take care of that. Audio rental equipment like walkie-talkies experience a lot of wear and tear, but we maintain our equipment so it works like new every time. On top of that, we provide on-site maintenance for troubleshooting. 

Rent 2-Way Radios

Two-way radios are another audio equipment rental NYC option. While not as common, they still come in handy for staff members or event organizers. It’s an easy way to communicate with each other. While they’re similar to walkie-talkies, there can be some differences. Not sure which one works best for you? Let us help you. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

Don’t settle for less than the best. Partner with Sound Distribution for the best quality audio equipment rental NYC has to offer, at the best price. We offer a full range of sound systems for rent in NYC and can accommodate any type of event.

Let our experienced team members help your event succeed with high quality delivery and installation services. Plus, there’s no need to stress with the professional support of experienced technicians at the ready. 

From picnics to work conferences, let Interactive Vision Solutions bring your event to life. Get in touch for a free quote today.