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Audio Visual Rental in New York City

Are you an event promoter, manager, planner or organization that is seeking custom audio, video, lighting and equipment operation services in NYC? Our business is geared toward event production and AV equipment setup, rental and operation. We can configure numerous setups for your project and consult with you each step of the way from planning stage to exit stage.

Wide Selection of Audio Visual Rental in New York City

From audio to video to lighting and more, find what you are looking for with our audio visual rental service in NYC. We are a well established event production setup and equipment rental and operations company in New York. We tailor our solutions to our customer’s particular needs when it comes to audio, video, lighting and other equipment, its operation and related services in New York City, NY. We are diverse and handle a wide range of services from trade shows to live performances and speeches and a whole lot in between. We have DJ equipment, audiovisual equipment and video equipment as well as sound for just about any type of occasion or event. Get stage rental, audio equipment, video equipment, lighting and whatever else you might need from us. Get a quote and get started by contacting our expert team of audio, video, lighting and events experts.  Start now.

Stage Rentals
If you need stage rental for live concerts, performances, comedy, speeches, debates, conferences, contests, shows, tours, plays/live theatre, musicals, visual art or other type of event, get in touch with us immediately to see how our team can help. We are an AV rental service in NYC but we are also much more than that.
Audio Equipment
Need the right live mix? Churches, governments, corporations, small businesses and promoters have worked with our team to get just the right audio equipment to meet their needs. From input to output, we got you covered for your audiovisual rentals. We are the right team in New York City to help with any of your sound, lighting and visual stage technical requirements.
Video Equipment
Live video is a crucial component to many events and must be handled with care. Our team has the right amount of knowledge, experience and training to make sure the audiovisual components of your event go off without a hitch. We will provide the operational requirements for shooting, capturing, recording, mixing, editing, directing, effects, transitions, color, remote operation and much more right on the fly.
Lighting is also a crucial element of event production. The lighting characteristics, quality and effect will all have an impact on your audience, not to mention the characteristics of the room setting. Consult with us in advance to find the proper configuration and lighting options to make your event a success. Ask about the various options, discuss your budget and be prepared to provide any info that might help us help you.
Other Stuff You May Need
Projectors, microphones, office equipment, lighting, pipe and drapes, easels, etc. These are just some of the many items you may also need for your events. Our audio visual equipment rental service provides a huge range of tools and products to make any event manager happy. See our qualified list of products and services and consult with our team in York City.

Complete Technical Production of Events From Scratch

Aside from just your typical (but extraordinary) audio and video equipment rental company in New York City, we are also event production specialists. We not only provide equipment, but also provide complete technical production of events from scratch. Our full service holistic approach to audiovisual space design and dynamics helps our business flourish and our customers’ events wildly succeed. We exceed their expectations each time with custom event production planning services. We also work with event planners and promoters of all types. From prep to final cue, count on our operations staff to impress your crowds, stakeholders and business managers. 

Conferences and Seminars
Get a complete full service AV and equipment operations and planning service in one for conferences, seminars, trade shows, ceremonies, award shows, meetings, etc. Equipment and screen rentals are available. Our pros here can help your event staff with all aspects of sound, lights and visuals. What else could a quality AV rental service include? Contact our expert staff to find out how to make your event a hit.
Live events, concerts and parties
Live events, concerts and parties are why we got into this business! Okay, there were other reasons too… But seriously, we love to help our clients throw the best type of live performance or concert and spread the word to the creative community here in New York. Hire our top notch audio, video and lighting equipment rental and operator business nearby.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We are the clear experts for local event production and AV equipment services in the greater New York City metropolitan area. We are up to just about any challenge or feat. We have the gear, the customization, the experience, the knowledge and the training to position ourselves as the premiere experts in our field. We are prepared to amaze our clients with our approach to customization and tailored solutions that fit their criteria and vision. Please contact us as soon as possible to consult with our team on a plan of action and budget for your project. 

Fast Services

Look for a vendor that is fast and reliable. Well, that’s us! We have worked on so many types of installations and projects for a diverse set of clients that we are able to work up a plan of attack and execute with little in the way of transition through to the final curtain call. From stage setup to lighting and everything in between, we can haul in, setup, operate and tear down in a short time.

Individual Solutions

We pride ourselves on our custom individual solutions for clients. Each time, we have a different type of scenario on our hands and we love to get into the nuts and bolts of planning, setup and delivery, even post-event. To get started, simply contact our team and describe what type of event you are seeking an AV tech vendor for, proposed project scope and budget and other relevant details. We will promptly respond to your inquiry.

Wide Range of Services

Another benefit to our custom AV solutions business is that there is such a diverse offering of service and equipment. Our projects are one of a kind operations often and therefore, our clients seek out the best in AV services vendors like us. We can work with teams big and small. To get started, develop your idea and consult with us. No matter how far along you are in your planning process, contact us to see how we can best play a role to make your live experience memorable to the audience.

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